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Tyler Ellison


My name is Tyler Ellison, I am happy to be alive and happy to be here with you!


Everything on this site is an expression of my true passion and joy! I am here to share this with all of you. I have been a practitioner of esoteric arts and nutritional science since 2014, and currently attending school for my master's in acupuncture.


I love helping others blossom more fully into who they are, and I am appreciative that I am able to share these skills to help others do so! I graduated from Southern Connecticut state university with an interdisciplinary degree in biology and public health, and currently reside in new haven Connecticut.

I was first exposed to energy meditations through martial arts and found I was highly captivated by these practices, which was a foreshadowing of my blossoming passion. I have been vocally channeling since 2014, and have been practicing energy medicine since 2013.


What is Channeling?

Channeling is a natural state that every person taps into from time to time.


This is akin to the actor who is so immersed in the role they are playing, that become the role or the singer that gets to into their song they lose their sense of self. These states are accessing what is called the channeling state.


This state of mind can be induced at will under proper circumstances. As a vocal channeler I am able to induce this state at will, and can turn it on. I then use the channeling state to tap into the consciousness of a variety of beings including spirit guides, past or future selves, and extraterrestrials.


While I am in this state, I am able to access how these ET beings think, feel, and perceive reality. It allows me to receive tools and messages from them. While I am in the state, these different speak through me, using my voice. Whoever I am channeling for, is then able to interact with these characters through myself while I am in the channeling state.


The information provided in these sessions is very detailed and extensive. The ET begins that can be contacted are more than generous in their wiliness to share information and perspectives that are universally applicable, and are geared to help humanity grow on an individual and collective level.


About My Channelings

Sassani - Pleiadean - Yayhel - Lyrian - Arcturian - Sirian Societies - Atlantean - Lumerian - Plant & Animal Spirits

I primarily channel an ET being who uses the name Riok. This being is from a civilization known as the Sassani, a society of hybridized humans from our future. Riok generously shares information on his society’s ways of life, culture, and provides deep insights into the nature of reality and the nature of ourselves.

Below you'll find more information about my services.

Esoteric & Psychic Skill Training

Private Session - 1hr

This session can be done one on one or with groups to assist others in growing their natural 6 th sense abilities. I have trained people in channeling, energy healing, opening up the energy systems of the body, cleaning and healing the chakras and meridians of the body, and how to receive messages from the earth, spirit guides, and their own higher selves.




Channeling Session

Private Session - 1hr

Contact and communicate with Pleiadeans, Yayhels, Lyrians, Arcturians, or Sirian societies. Early human societies can also be contacted, such as Atlantean groups and Lumerian groups. I am also able to channel spirit guides, as well as plant and animal spirits

$200 USD

Planet and Moon

Cosmic Energy Healing

Private Session - 1hr

This is a form of shamanic energy healing that comes from east Asian culture. The system gathers subtle energies from the planets, earth, and stars, to assist the body in healing itself and regenerating. It can be used for many ailments such as pain, PMS, headaches, hormonal issues, sleep issues, and mental-emotional issues. The healings can be done in person or distant.

The distant sessions involve a video call where the client is guided through a body scanning meditation, to reinforce the effects of the healing.


Meditation by the Sea

Esoteric, Psychic Dietary, Nutritional


Lifestyle Coaching

Private Session - 1hr

Dietary, Nutritional and Lifestyle consultations are done in both group and one on one formats to help educate and guide people on how to better care for their bodies, and achieve their health goals through the lenses of natural health and wellness! Together we can better organize nutrition and lifestyle choices to assist in fully accelerating the process of blossoming more into who you are.




“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”



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