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Alfonso Corona


Alfonso is the Founder of KMM, he has an extensive background in advertising, marketing, retail, architectural photography, and visual arts. Among other responsibilities, he is the person in charge of delivering a unique Master Plan that will increase your revenue for your business.


While still studying, Alfonso discovered one of his passions and started teaching photography at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City in the late 90's. He continued to do so for seven years in the departments of Architecture, Industrial Design, Art History, and Textile Design. He also worked as Art Examiner for the International Baccalaureate Organization after teaching the IBO Visual Arts Program for five years.


Alfonso has designed and managed the editorial production for dozens of magazines and books, along with Vanessa Delarrue, they published and distributed Distrikt Magazine in Miami, NY, and LA, he co-produced five music albums for multi-media licensing, organized and monetized many product activations all around Latin America for Consumer Electronics Manufacturers, among others.


He is the founder of  Art Essential in Carmel, CA, and one of the facilitators teaching an art-based, wellness program in the surrounding communities of California and Arizona. Alfonso is the patent holder for the wakesurf.


One of his life-long passions is producing Fine-Art Photography, you can see his latest works at


Vanessa Delarrue

Director of Operations

Vanessa has a marketing degree from Tecnologico de Monterrey, she is also the Co-Founder of KMM, Wellness Life at Sea, and Distrikt Magazine, also producing editorial contents for diverse digital media outlets.


Vanessa started her sales and marketing days as part of the team in Televisa that launched one of the most successful Telethons in the entire world. During the late 90’s she also worked for two different record labels and then as Project Manager for an

Indy 500 Racing Team.


For over a decade now, Vanessa has been working very closely with the high-end retail chains, luxury spas, and skin care manufacturers.


Her passion for the wellness and holistic Universe helps us understand and improve the overall approach to some specific marketing strategies, her expertise has strongly focused on all things related to innovative skin care manufacturers, and improving the service experiences that allow to sell them.


Sean McMahon


Sean helps us increase the financial potential or impact of any business and sales strategy. For over three decades his sharp vision and in-depth understanding of diverse industries and their interactions, have empowered the entire consumer cycle, from forecasting to sell in, sell through, RMA returns to management of customer service satisfaction.


Sean’s extensive financial background has also benefited big box retailers; helping them to turn around loses and implement new strategies derived from today’s multiple market challenges.


He’s also a Real Estate developer and guitar player extraordinaire!


Roger Gustavson


Roger has 20 years of experience in retail in diverse markets, he has seen the entire cycle of the retail industry; from the largest growth of brick and mortar points of sale to the rising of Amazon to the recent crumbling of the malls and traditional retail.


Roger's methodologies have saved dozens of brick and mortar businesses from collapsing, he focuses on developing and implementing the latest merchandising designs, also training retail floor staff new upselling strategies, to organizing concerts by local bands behind the store counter.





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